Your Meal Plan

One of three vital components to a successful weight loss program

A good strategic weight loss plan can be the difference between success and another failed attempt at losing weight.  Your plan should consist of three very important components: nutrition, fitness and support.

If you arm yourself with all the tools you need to tackle your weight loss goals, your chances of reaching those goals are significantly higher than being unprepared. Keep in mind that achieving weight loss through short-term dietary changes are not key; it is the lifestyle changes you make that will pay off for long-term weight loss and healthy weight management success.

Why is a meal plan important during a weight loss program?
A meal plan:

  • Keeps you within your budgeted amount of calories for each day
  • Adds the correct ratio of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains to your diet
  • Keeps you in caloric balance, which is balancing the number of calories you take in with the amount of calories your body uses as energy
  • Helps you form better daily eating habits
  • Is a dietary map to help keep you on track and stay within your caloric allowance each day

How many calories should you be eating daily to reach your weight loss goal?
If you do not know, you should:

  1. Click “Get Started” to join or “Login” if you are a returning member.
  2. After you’ve joined or logged on to your profile, click the “Nutrition” tab at the top of the Get Healthy West Georgia tracking tool page.
  3. Click “Create/Edit Diet Goal.”
  4. Input your information, and the calculator will generate how many calories you should eat per day to attain your weight loss goal.
  5. Return to this page and click the link below for the meal plan that matches the number of calories calculated in step 4.

Download 1,200 Calorie Meal Plan

Download 1,500 Calorie Meal Plan

Download 1,800 Calorie Meal Plan

Download 2,000 Calorie Meal Plan

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