Healthy For Life – Powerpoint presentations

Healthy For Life classes will help you reach your healthy eating and exercise goals during the 2014 Weight Loss Challenge and the Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge. Below are the Powerpoint presentations from Healthy For Life classes.

Click on the links below. The links will appear after each session is complete.

February 4
Start Your Engine: Your Weight Loss Game Plan
Healthy for Life Session 1-2-4-2014

February 11
Fuel Up! Power Up Your Meals, Snacks and Drinks
Fuel Up! Power Up Your Meals, Snacks and Drinks

February 25
Kick Into Gear: Get Active and Moving
Kick Into Gear_Get Active and Moving

March 4
Healthy Families on the Go: Tips for Busy Families
Healthy Families on the Go_Tips for Busy Families

March 18
Keep Your Motor Humming: Mind-Body Wellness

April 8
Staying in the Healthy Lane: Navigating Diet Pitfalls

April 15
Check Your Engine: Know Your Numbers for Optimal Health

April 29
Hit the Road: Grand Finale Group Walk*
Tanner Walking Trail

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