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Get Healthy West Georgia 2014 Weight Loss Challenge

Basic Questions

What is the Get Healthy West Georgia 2014 Weight Loss Challenge?
Made possible through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tanner Health System and community partners are sponsoring the Get Healthy West Georgia 2014 Weight Loss Challenge from Jan. 27 to April 28, 2014. The challenge is offered to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

You will begin the challenge by clicking “Get Started” to join, completing a short health assessment, accepting the invitation to the weight loss challenge and performing an initial weigh-in. Prizes will be awarded in team and individual categories.

What is the cost of the challenge?
There is no charge to participate in the Get Healthy West Georgia 2014 Weight Loss Challenge.

Who can participate in the challenge?
The Get Healthy West Georgia 2014 Weight Loss Challenge is open to residents who live or work in Carroll, Haralson and Heard counties and are over the age of 18. Only those with a BMI of 25 or greater at the initial weigh-in are eligible to earn the rewards for losing weight per the established criteria. Those with a BMI of less than 25 are eligible for prizes by accruing points through program participation.

I’d like to be healthier, but don’t need to lose weight. Can I still participate?
Yes! We encourage anyone to participate to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle, even if you don’t need to lose weight. Those with a BMI of less than 25 are eligible for prizes by accruing points through program participation.

What are the dates of the Challenge?
The challenge will run from Jan. 27 to April 28, 2014. The initial weigh-in will be from Jan. 19 to Jan. 26. The final weigh-in is from April 20 to April 27.

When will the winners be announced?
The winners of the challenge will be announced on Saturday, May 3, at Mayfest in Carrollton. Participants will be notified of the exact time and location for the announcement.

How do I register for the challenge?
All participants must be registered at Get Healthy West Georgia to participate in the challenge. Be sure to register before attending the initial weigh-in.

New users:

  • Click Get Started.
  • Register as a new user and complete a short health assessment
  •  Accept invitation to join the challenge
  • Create or join a team or register as an individual

Get Healthy West Georgia existing users:

  • Log in to your account
  • Accept invitation to join the challenge
  • Create or join a team or register as an individual

Who will see my personal information and weight?
An impartial qualified staff member from Tanner Health System will conduct the weigh-ins and enter the results into your profile via www.GetHealthyWestGeorgia.org. All of the personal information you provide is securely stored and will not be shared.

All challenge participants must be weighed by the designated person. Verbal or written weights will not be accepted for this challenge.

Will my weight show up on the Web site?

All participants will have the option on the Web site to share their percentage of weight loss during the program but no individual weights will be shown.


Am I required to be on a team?
No, but team formation is encouraged as team weight loss and exercise is fun and effective as it harnesses the power of positive peer pressure, the excitement of achieving goals with team mates and the thrill of competition.

How many people are on a team?
Teams can consist of five to 10 members.

I formed a team; how do my friends and family join my team?
When you form a team, you will create a team code. Give this team code to your friends and family members. When they register for the weight loss challenge, they will enter the team code to join your team.

Can I change the people on my team?
The roster of team members cannot be changed after the initial weigh-in. No new members may be added or act as a substitute for another team member after the challenge begins.

What if someone drops out of my team before the challenge ends?
A team must have a minimum of five team members that start and complete the challenge to be eligible for the team prizes. If team membership drops below five the remaining team members may still participate but are not eligible for the team prize. Remaining team members will be entered into the individual category and members will be eligible for the individual category prizes.

Can I participate as an individual if I don’t have a team?
Yes. You can participate in the individual category.

Weigh -in

How and where do I weigh in?
The dates and times for the official weigh-ins are listed on the web site. Participants must weigh-in at an “official” weigh-in station at the beginning and at the end of the challenge. Height and optional waist circumference also will be measured.

How often do I have to weigh in during the 12 weeks?
You may weigh in as often as you like and record it on Get Healthy West Georgia Web site, but only the “official” weights will be used to determine the winners. Everyone who weighs in at least once per week and enters their weight into the Web site will be entered into a prize drawing for that week.

What if I don’t attend the final weigh-in?
If you do not complete a weigh-in as required under the program, your participation in the program and any prizes to which you are entitled under the program will be revoked. Failure to attend a final weigh-in on one of the scheduled dates is defined as dropping out of the challenge.

Can I join the challenge even if I don’t weigh in during the first week?
Anyone can join at any time after the beginning of the challenge, but the “official” weigh-in must be scheduled at Tanner Community Benefit in Carrollton by calling 770.836.9761. This will give you less time to lose weight before the end of the challenge.

How do you determine Weight Loss Percentage?
Weight loss percentage will be used to determine winners of the challenge and will automatically be calculated in the system. To figure out how to calculate the percentage of weight lost, see the examples below:

Individual Weight Loss Percentage calculation
To calculate your individual weight loss percentage, take the number of pounds you have lost divided by your starting weight.  (Lbs. lost / starting weight = X, then X * 100 = %).  For example: A 175 pound individual lost 15 pounds. 15 lbs/175=0.0857. Multiply that by 100 to get the percentage lost.  8.57% weight lost.

Team Weight Loss Percentage
To calculate the team weight loss percentage, each team member’s weight loss percentage is added together and divided by the number of people on the team. For example, a team has five members. Individual weight lost percentage is as follows:

  • Member 1: 8.57%
  • Member 2: 6.3%
  • Member 3: 4.5%
  • Member 4: 11.5%
  • Member 5: 1.3%
  • Total percent lost = 32.17% divided by 5 (number of team members)
  • Total percent lost = 6.43%


What are the prizes?
The Grand Prize winner will win an Apple iPad 2 (which has a value of approximately $399). The Grand prize winner will be selected in a random drawing from all of the participants who have lost at least 10% of their body weight during the 12-week program. Other winners will receive a Fitbit Flex wireless activity tracker (value of approximately $100). Other prizes will be awarded throughout the challenge through weekly random drawings of the challenge participants. The winners of the weight loss challenge will be announced at the end of challenge celebration on May 3, 2014.

Tanner Health System has the right to change the prizes at any time. Vendors, physicians, senior management, officers or directors of Tanner Health System are not eligible for prizes.

Can I win a prize even if I don’t lose weight?
Yes.  We encourage participation in our Web site programs and other offerings which will provide you with the tools to make healthy lifestyle changes. Even if you do not lose weight during the program, you will be learning about your health. Selected prizes will be awarded based on participation points. All of the individuals who earn points above a determined threshold will be entered into a drawing for prizes.

What if there is a tie?
In the case of a tie for percentage weight loss, the number of points earned in the tracking tool at www.GetHealthyWestGeorgia.org will be used to determine the winner. In case of a tie for points, the percentage weight loss will be used to determine the winner.

Education and Support

What type of education and support will there be to keep me motivated?
The 2014 Weight Loss Challenge is Web-based. To make it fun and keep your motivation up, we will provide you with tips to help you stay on track, exercise challenges, nutrition education classes and more.  We encourage the formation of a team which will provide support and motivation leading to accountability and success. You will earn points via the tracking tool for participation in Get Healthy West Georgia web programs.

How do I earn points?
Points will be awarded for utilizing the tracking tool on the Get Healthy West Georgia Web site and participation in designated events during the challenge. You can earn points in the tracking tool for logging your exercise, logging your food intake, journaling, reading articles, participating in challenges, etc. See the Points tab on your profile for detailed information. You can also earn points for participation in classes and additional programs that will be offered during the challenge. You will be notified of these opportunities as the program progresses.

Will you offer any group activities?
Live group activities will be offered throughout the challenge period, such as nutrition education classes, group exercise and walks. Points will be awarded for participation in live group activities.  Notifications of new activities will be sent in the tracking tool as they are scheduled.

Will you offer any nutrition classes?
Healthy For Life classes/group activities will be held at Tanner Medical Center/Carrollton on selected Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m. to assist you with your weight loss efforts during the challenge. The classes will be led by a registered dietitian and an exercise specialist. Each attendee of the class will receive a free book, Eat Right for Life and earn 50 points per session for participation. To register for the class, visit www.tanner.org and select Calendar or call 770.214-CARE. The class size is limited to 200.

Healthy For Life class dates:

  • Feb.4 – Start Your Engine: Your Weight Loss Game Plan
  • Feb.11 – Fuel Up! Power Up Your Meals, Snacks and Drinks
  • Feb.25 – Kick Into Gear: Get Active and Moving
  • March  4 – Healthy Families on the Go: Tips for Busy Families
  • March 18 – Keep Your Motor Humming: Mind-Body Wellness
  • April 8 – Staying in the Healthy Lane: Navigating Diet Pitfalls
  • April 15 – Check Your Engine: Know Your Numbers for Optimal Health
  • April 29 – Hit the Road (Tanner Walking Trail) for the Grand Finale Group Walk


Can I participate if I am pregnant?
You are not eligible for weight loss prizes if you are pregnant at any time while participating in this program. Pregnancy interferes with accurate weight measurements.

What are the rules to prevent excessive and unhealthy weight loss?
In order to encourage healthy weight loss of one to two pounds per week, we only count weight loss up to 14% per person.

Can I participate if I had bariatric surgery?
If you have had bariatric surgery at any time after beginning the weight loss challenge, you are ineligible to receive prizes in the weight loss percentage category due to weight loss unassociated with the program. You may still participate and earn points for participation.

Can I participate if I am using weight loss medications?
This is a healthy lifestyle program. If you are using weight loss medications, you are ineligible to receive prizes in the weight loss percentage category due to weight loss unassociated with the program. You may still participate and earn points for participation.

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