Volkssport – Check out the walks in Carrollton

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Volkssport – Check out the walks in Carrollton

The American Volkssport Association, also known as AVA, sponsors a program called volksmarching, throughout the United States.  Volksmarching is a walking club for participants to enjoy different scenic and historic sites.  Walks can be limited to one day, with set start and finish times, or can be year long walks, which allow walkers to pick when and where they wish to walk.

Although the walks take place all over, there are two year long walks being held in Carrollton, Ga. in 2013.  These walks are a great way for our Get Healthy West Georgia participants to stay active and to engage in fun, fitness, and friendship.

Carrollton offers a city walk and a lake walk.  The city walk begins at the Cultural Arts Center and continues through the University of West Georgia campus, past beautiful homes, over a wooden bridge, and around the lively Carrollton square.  The lake walk begins at the Food Depot on Bankhead Highway and continues through a portion of the Carrollton Greenbelt and around Lake Carroll.

Walks are free to the public but all walkers must begin their walk at the registration table, located at each start point. Each walker will complete a start card, which lets the association know that people are using the routes and gives directions of the route.

For more information, such as start times and directions, interested walkers can visit www.georgiawalkers.homestead.com or the American Volkssport Association at www.ava.org

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