Get Healthy West Georgia began six months ago!

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Get Healthy West Georgia began six months ago!

Get Healthy West Georgia began about six months ago and now we are asking members to take a six month health assessment.  We can’t stress enough how vital this is to our effort since it will provide important data that will help us gauge how well the three-year initiative is doing.

When you reach your six month anniversary, you will be sent an email invitation to go to Please take a few minutes to log in and take the health assessment that the tracking tool will suggest to you.

After you’ve taken the health assessment, be sure to look around, check out our current fitness challenge and maybe even share the good news from your health assessment with our other members to inspire and empower them to do more! And if you haven’t been using the tool to track your nutrition and fitness efforts, it’s time to get busy!

During the six-month health assessment time period, we’ll choose one lucky health assessment participant each week to receive a gift.

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